Why Value-Based Care is Closer Than We Think

The pace at which value-based care (VBC) is growing could have a $1 trillion enterprise value, as per McKinsey.

Our GDP can attest to an incredible amount of money floating in the healthcare system. If we move the dollars around, the math works for VBC models too. A sequence of payers attaching a monetary reward for providers for producing consistent patient engagement and improvement is rapidly gaining confidence.

Amy Stevens, General Manager, Provider Performance and Innovation at Innovaccer, sheds light on the not-so-distant VBC reality and the biggest myths that act as barriers to VBC success.

After reading this eBook, you will be able to find answers to:
What are the forces of change in the accelerated growth of value-based care?

What are the biggest myths that act as perceived barriers to success?

Why healthcare must focus on retail capabilities to propel growth in a consumer-focused world?

Should health systems invest in building their tech stack or opt for pre-existing solutions?

What does a systematic approach look like in the practical world of value-based care?

What are the three practical starting points for health plans in VBC arrangements?


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