Data Analytics is Crucial for Employee Benefits —Here’s Why

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According to a survey, employers expect a 5.3% increase in the total cost of health benefits in 2021 and project the average cost of healthcare to reach $15,500 per employee in 2021. To manage rising healthcare costs, a data-driven approach is essential for organizations.

Advanced analytics can play a crucial role in minimizing inefficiencies and providing employers with actionable insights to manage their businesses efficiently.

How can you leverage data to drive decision making, reduce healthcare costs, and personalize care? This whitepaper covers strategies that employers can adopt to make smart benefit plan decisions. Read on to see:

The report discusses the following points:

  • How COVID-19 has significantly changed the approach towards employee benefits
  • The rising role of care navigation and analytics in making effective benefit plan discussions
  • Steps to establishing a robust data analytics infrastructure across your organization to enhance employee engagement and reduce healthcare costs

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