Improving Surgical Outcomes with Patient-Centered Surgical Home on the FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform

Optimizing surgical care procedures to boost patient health outcomes and ROI for health systems

Studies estimate that, by 2025, surgical expenditures are likely to equal 1/14 of the United States economy. Even though the average cost of surgery continues to increase, readmission rates have not declined. As the United States expects to expand its surgical expenditures by almost 60% during the period 2005-2025, the need to standardize surgical care with coordinated procedures is continuously evolving.

Non-standardized surgical care and poorly coordinated processes lead to uneven care quality, higher risk of errors, and costly inefficiencies. Innovaccer’s Patient-Centered Surgical Home is designed to resolve these key challenges by providing seamless communication across departmental silos and fully coordinated data-driven surgical care.

In this paper, we take a look at the key components of the “Patient-Centered Surgical Home” and discuss how its data-driven approach across the three key care stages, helps deliver timely care and earns patient-surgeon satisfaction for healthcare organizations.

The report discusses the following points:

  • Challenges behind the evolution of a Patient-Centered Surgical Home
  • Optimizing the Pre-surgical Process with a Single Source of Truth for Patient Data
  • Driving Intra-Surgical Efficiency with Data-driven Insights for Improved OR Utilization
  • The Four-Step Approach to Enhance OR Efficiency
  • Systematic Care Management for Pre-surgical Planning and Post-Surgical Recovery
  • Key features of Innovaccer’s Patient-Centered Surgical Home
  • The Impact of Social Determinants of Health on Surgery Planning
  • Driving Hospitals’ ROI from Pre-surgical Optimization
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