Healthcare industry experts continue to stress the importance of value-based care as a reimbursement model that benefits patients, payers, and providers. But what’s holding back healthcare systems from realizing the potential of value-based care, especially when it comes to managing their revenue cycle?

Industry finance leaders attribute this to siloed data, which prevents providers from getting analytics that can help improve outcomes. Moreover, the industry is plagued with other challenges caused by siloed data. Among them are manual prior authorization, poor patient outreach, claim denials, and poor performance management. Disconnected data’s cascading effect on the revenue cycle is a challenge that must be addressed now.

Making the revenue cycle data-driven and patient-centric is a strategic way to overcome these challenges. One of the best ways to do that is by adopting technology that accounts for the entire patient journey.

Revenue cycle management is a cornerstone of an integrated healthcare transformation. At its core is the Innovaccer Health Cloud, powered by data unification, automation, and activation. It offers a 360-degree patient view to drive decision-making at key operational points to support revenue integrity and optimization, as well as improve the patient experience.

Read this Whitepaper to learn about:
Overcoming revenue cycle pain points and challenges
Using the Innovaccer Health Cloud for data unification and activation
Automating manual workflows powered by technologies like AI
Improving clinical outcomes and consumer experiences
Delivering value-based care to support integrated healthcare transformation
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