Pediatric health providers—including health systems, pediatric care organizations, and clinically integrated networks—are under increasing financial pressure as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, a declining birth rate, and increased awareness of health inequities. When you consider the current shift toward value-based care models in healthcare, it's easy to see that pediatric providers will have to adapt and change to flourish in the future. Unlike care for adults, pediatric care strategies require more than just technological interventions to enhance efficiency. This white paper discusses a framework for a new pediatric population health management strategy.

Read this Whitepaper to learn about:
Managing and improving quality in pediatric care delivery in the aftermath of COVID-19
Bridging the gap between incomplete patient mapping and insufficient data sharing
Providing customized pediatric care to meet the needs of different populations
Using Innovaccer's Pediatric Population Health Management solution to transform pediatric care
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