Enhance coding accuracy through
end-to-end risk adjustment on
our AI and NLP-enabled Data
Activation Platform

Improve performance on risk based contracts with accurate and trusted risk coding using Innovaccer’s
proprietary predictive risk model, smart analytics and risk adjustment workflows
for various risk models including CMS-HCC, HHS-HCC & more!

Technology committed to ensuring closure of all
coding gaps for risk-bearing providers

Identify and capture
dropped / suspect codes
Support risk coder
workflows and improve
Save physician’s time at
point of care to address
Stratify patients with
accurate risk scoring

Improve performance on risk based contracts with advanced risk analytics and dashboards

Analyze historical claims and clinical data to identify dropped codes (captured previously but leaked before billing) and detect suspect codes (never captured) using AI & NLP
  • View centralized dashboards with details on Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) and risk capture trends

  • Drill-down analysis into diagnoses, provider, location, etc. to drive recapture of suggested dropped/suspect codes

  • Identify missing HCCs from clinical markers, notes, or documents

  • Measure impact of coding opportunities with the dashboard to drive provider incentives

Save physician’s valuable time using actionable point-of-care insights

Surface coding opportunities to physicians at the point of care while they’re reviewing the patient chart
  • Showcase coding gaps and supporting evidence within EMR workflows

  • Give physicians the opportunity to accept and reject suggested coding changes

  • Integrate with EMRs to push accepted coding changes seamlessly

  • Close care gaps and manage complex conditions using smart insights

Improve productivity for risk coders

Increase accuracy and throughput of risk coders by supporting coding review workflows
  • Intuitive workflows for risk coders to review risk analytics

  • Allow them to push suggested codes to the physicians directly for approval

  • Help risk coders maintain a worklist of tasks and also enable collaboration

  • Provide curated insights to risk coders to prevent them from switching between multiple screens

  • Monitor productivity of risk coders through targeted dashboards showcasing throughput, accuracy, and volume of coding activities

Stratify your population based on risk scores

Create cohorts based on accurate risk scores to support specific care management and outreach activities
  • Create population segments using accurate risk scores

  • Identify specific care management pathways and outreach campaigns for low, medium, and high risk populations

  • Enable two-way communication between risk coder and physician

  • Collaborate within and across care teams to take actions on the go

Explore how our solution can help you solve complex risk challenges

Workflow of our intelligent risk
adjustment solution