The State and Science of Digital Maturity at US Healthcare Providers

See the profound impact digital transformation can have on your provider organization.

This first-of-its-kind national study reveals how digital maturity influences provider performance across a wide range of key metrics.

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When you’re done reading the ebook, take the digital maturity diagnostic self-assessment to see where your organization lands on the digital maturity curve. You’ll get specific, expert recommendations for improving your standing based on individual results.

In this data-rich but easy-to-read colorful ebook, you’ll learn:
Digital maturity’s impact on revenue, profitability, innovation, and VBC

Digital maturity’s impact on outcomes, engagement, and retention

How strategies for digital transformation compare

Hospital investment in digital transformation projects

How cloud computing adoption and workloads compare

Digital maturity by hospital size and type

Key impediments to digital transformation

Hospital data quality by digital maturity level

Digital maturity’s impact on enabling innovation

Hospitals’ state of patient engagement capabilities

Hospitals’ state of analytics enablement and value realization

Digital maturity’s impact on hospitals’ satisfaction with analytics

Digital maturity’s impact on AI and ML performance and benefits

And more!

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