Innovaccer Launches Provider AI Companion at HIMSS24

Team Innovaccer
Fri 15 March 2024
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SAN FRANCISCO and Orlando—March 15, 2024—Innovaccer took the spotlight at HIMSS24 with the announcement of its new provider AI companion, a unique device that extends the functionality of its comprehensive healthcare AI ecosystem. With this addition and the rollout of its analytics suite upgrade at HIMSS24, Innovaccer continues to drive innovation, helping providers achieve success with value-based care while enhancing their ability to rediscover the joy of patient care.

The provider AI companion is a portable AI software and tablet device designed to support clinicians and care providers with real-time data visualization, access to critical patient information, and AI-generated diagnosis suggestions based on symptoms and medical history. It includes a dictation microphone with high-quality ambient audio capture. The AI companion automatically transcribes exam rooms and virtual visits with the ability to understand and transcribe medical terminology, and it learns from conversation context to bring up relevant patient charts for easy viewing.

By integrating seamlessly with data management platforms, EHR, and practice management systems through browser-based tabs, the AI companion interface is easy to use for note editing and coding insights. It streamlines workflows and increases productivity. Its custom Android OS and Innovaccer SaraOS integration ensure compatibility and security in healthcare environments.

"HIMSS24 provides the perfect opportunity to showcase our AI and analytics advances,” said Abhinav Shashank, cofounder and CEO of Innovaccer. "The provider AI companion will have a huge impact by freeing up providers to focus more on their patients and help reduce burnout. In addition, our enhanced analytics solution suite offers a prescriptive approach, providing recommendations based on historical data and predictive analytics models. It's like having a trusted companion, helping navigate key metrics such as attribution, cost, quality, and risk, with insights to boost efficiency, cut costs, and scale your value-based care business.”

In addition to the provider AI companion, Innovaccer is also rolling out an upgrade of its suite of analytics solutions including prescriptive analytics, predictive analytics, advanced risk adjustment, and financial management. The solutions are designed to improve clinical, financial, experiential, and operational performance for providers by enabling them to gain insights into their performance, identify areas for improvement, compare against peers, conduct simulations for building expanded networks, and forecast performance—all embedded in existing workflows on a single platform.

“Our AI solutions are part of a comprehensive AI healthcare ecosystem built to drive dramatic improvements in productivity and transform care delivery, and ultimately, to help all who work in healthcare rediscover the joy of care,” Shashank added.

"Providers face multiple workflow challenges—from managing complex patient cases to meeting increasing performance targets for value-based care,” said Kanav Hasija, cofounder and chief product officer at Innovaccer. “Our provider AI companion device can capture high-quality ambient audio from a distance of up to eight feet without compromising on performance or quality. It reduces the need for lengthy notetaking and memorization. With the introduction of the provider AI companion, Innovaccer is also entering an emerging market for direct primary care providers which has seen significant growth. Because these independent practices don’t bill payers, the AI companion device presents an ideal solution for their unique membership-based payment model needs.”

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