Flash Research: The State of CRM Maturity Among US Healthcare Organizations

In a rapidly changing healthcare market where consumerism is on the rise, health systems need to adopt a more holistic approach to care.

Innovaccer recently conducted a national flash survey to help healthcare leaders understand the digital maturity of their CRM systems. The survey examines CRM maturity regarding data usage, outreach personalization, success metrics, consumer/patient journey mapping, and consumer-centric strategies in general.

Interested in knowing how your CRM system stacks up to the rest of the industry? Take our brief five-question survey assessment to see where your organization falls on the CRM maturity scale and set up a 1:1 meeting with our experts for a FREE personalized CRM assessment workshop.

Download the peer benchmark report now or bookmark it to read later.

In this peer benchmark report, we share:
Actions providers need to undertake to find, guide, and keep patients for life

Guidance for transforming your consumer/patient engagement strategy

The Innovaccer Star Map for Healthcare CRM maturity

Key advantages of healthcare-based CRM over retail-based CRM variants

Five horizons that direct the way ahead for delivering the “health 1:1” experience

A detailed comparison and analysis of what top-ranking CRM systems are doing


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