Caring as One to Combat the COVID-19 Pandemic

Innovaccer’s COVID-19 management system
assists healthcare organizations and governments assess patient risk profiles and connects them
with virtual care capabilities.

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As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases continues to rise, virtual care has become critical. At Innovaccer, we understand this battle is not easy and we fully support our healthcare heroes.

Innovaccer’s COVID-19 Management system supports early community-based triage through automated assessments, remote patient monitoring, education, treatment, and most importantly providing a safer environment for healthcare workers with telemedicine and dedicated customer support - all this with quick deployment turnaround!

Power your teams and network with immediate capabilities to combat Coronavirus


Patients can evaluate risk with automated COVID-19 assessments

With automated and CDC guidelines-based self-assessment, identify your patients’ risk profile for COVID-19. Obtain your real-time evaluation by analyzing simple details such as travel history and chronic conditions.

Help patients combat anxiety with education and

Empower your patients with CDC education materials such as prevention guidelines, steps that they need to take in quarantine and other information from the government to reduce panic and chances of getting affected by the virus.

Help patients navigate the best course of action based on results

Understand and take the most relevant action based on the results obtained. With the solution, you can obtain information on self-quarantine, calling your doctor or seeking emergency medical care.

Triage patients virtually through the COVID-19 Assistant App

Help healthcare providers stay safe with virtual triaging of patients with CDC-based risk assessments sent via mobile phones and allow for follow up for symptom tracking.

Maximize patient interactions through free virtual telecare

Empower physicians and nurses across your organizations to help more patients through telemedicine and virtual care. Integrate community and lab services into the app.

Understand and trace high-risk individuals

Help providers stay safe with virtual triaging of patients with CDC guideline-based risk assessment sent on their phones and follow up for symptom tracking.