How an AI-powered Voice Platform Simplified EHR Integrations and Leveraged Risk Adjustment Analytics to Address Physician Burnout

Three in five physicians reported at least one manifestation of burnout according to a study conducted by the AMA in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic, Stanford University School of Medicine, and the University of Colorado School of Medicine. What’s more alarming is that the physician burnout rate has reached an all-time high accounting for around 63% of physicians. This calls for the need to renew clinical processes and relevant technology to bolster physicians and other professionals.

A leading provider of AI and voice technologies for healthcare realized that physicians spend a lot of time manually entering and retrieving clinical data due to an increasing number of patients and EHR complexity. This ultimately contributed to administrative burden and physician burnout. The organization sought to help physicians streamline tedious EHR workflows so that they spend more time interacting with their patients. But, streamlined workflows demand data at every touch point.

To power its AI-led platform with clean and high-quality data, the organization partnered with Innovaccer to achieve:
EHR-agnostic data aggregation

Creation of a unified (longitudinal) patient record

Identification and closure of coding gaps

Streamlined, automated workflows for better collaboration

Access to actionable point-of-care insights

Tags: DHC 
Tags: DHC 

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