VBCRM: A new idea for a new era of healthcare CRM

Providers today face more competition for patients than ever, and those patients have contemporary consumer expectations for both real-world and digital service, convenience, and quality.

A surprising new and effective way to meet those expectations—and find, guide, and keep patients loyal for life—is to combine CRM and PHM data, analytics, insights, and workflows.

The simple yet profound idea is to weave CRM data into the longitudinal consumer/patient record, apply the broader analytics made possible by that, integrate the resulting holistic insights into relevant workflows, and—voila!—transform enterprise healthcare communications and the clinical patient journey, together.

And it works regardless of the payment models your health system or hospital has in play, whether that’s FFS, VBC, or APMs.

Take a moment to explore this new idea for a new era of healthcare CRM. This informational guide will give you exclusive insights that reveal:
The four C’s disrupting the market for provider services

How to eliminate barriers to systemness

Driving health system volume and growth

How integrating the data expands the aperture

Keys to directing patients to the right services

Crossing the payment model chasm by embracing loyalty (FFS) and engagement (VBC)

Better engagement techniques for patients in their care management program

How Innovaccer can help

Tags: VBCRM 
Tags: VBCRM 

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