COVID-19 Management System to Assist Patients, Providers and Payers

Abhinav Shashank
Wed 06 May 2020
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The novel coronavirus is spreading around the world exponentially. Governments, healthcare providers and businesses are introducing drastic measures to slow down the spread of the virus. The outbreak has been a major cause of concern for healthcare providers who are on the frontline of testing and treating infected individuals. Providers are not just concerned about patient lives, they are also concerned with the impact COVID-19 will have on the healthcare revenue cycle and financial operations. 

In a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic, it is not only essential to deliver medical care and manage costs but also to provide information to help people make smarter decisions and prevent health systems from being overwhelmed to the extent possible. Digital health services have been largely untapped and technological interventions are important to embrace now more than ever as providers are trying to work together to care as one. 

Technology adoption for a better response against COVID-19

Technology is now driving life in the time of COVID-19, where social distancing and lockdowns have become requisite. Our lifelines are our phones, laptops and tablets. Technology is bearing the weight of information dispersion, management, governance and helping us cope with staying inside our homes. Digital health solutions are also effectively being utilized to aid healthcare in these tough situations created by the pandemic. Digital tools can be deployed for assistance throughout the entire coronavirus patient’s lifecycle, from triage and self-testing to quarantine and post-quarantine management and education.

The cases related to COVID-19 are set to rise, crippling health systems that will flood with people, in turn increasing the risk of exposure to the virus. Payers, on the other hand, need to plan for potentially rising costs linked to coronavirus infections. And Covid-19 strains may recur over time, extending pressure on medical loss ratios over time. The pandemic calls for a consolidated strategy to fight COVID-19 and sustain the after-effects of the disease. All industry stakeholders are thus acting quickly to overcome barriers for a wide implementation of digital solutions recognizing the benefits of virtual assistance.

At Innovaccer, we understand the pain points of payers, providers and patients, and we’re on a mission to support our healthcare stakeholders to “care as one.” Innovaccer’s COVID-19 Management System designed for the three P’s of healthcare allows care delivery teams to manage the flow of patients and screen them for potential COVID-19 symptoms optimizing costs, workflows and healthcare resources. Additionally, the solution assists in connecting patients and providers virtually to minimize the risk of contracting and spreading the novel coronavirus. 

Enables Providers to Respond Virtually to The Coronavirus Pandemic 

Providers are overloaded as they rush to test more patients at risk for COVID-19 while also making room for the growing number of confirmed cases that need to be hospitalized. The crisis is expected to cripple many hospitals. Many have expressed great concern about the overwhelming demand COVID-19 is creating on resources such as urgent, emergency and nursing care. 

Health organizations, hospitals and others on the frontlines of the COVID-19 response need to be able to respond to inquiries, provide the public with up-to-date outbreak information, track exposure, quickly triage new cases and advise on next steps. By leveraging Innovaccer’s COVID-19 Management System providers can manage burgeoning patients by triaging patients through a virtual care portal and utilize CDC-based assessments to identify high-risk patients by analyzing simple details such as age, travel history, immune status, and the presence of chronic medical conditions. The solution assists providers as they work to identify and prioritize patients who need to come to the clinic or seek emergency medical care and judicially employ resources.

Through an inbuilt telemedicine feature, providers can use functionalities such as video calls and push notifications to reduce the hassle for providers, increase efficiency, and significantly improve response times. Providers can leverage push notifications and send CDC support material right from within the app and customize preventive guidelines to protect, educate and care for their patients in the community. 

Payers Optimize Workflows and Get a Better Demographic Data Through Analytics

As providers scramble to meet the demanding influx of coronavirus patients, payers have been working to diminish administrative burdens for providers while increasing access to care and lowering out-of-pocket healthcare spending for patients. Geographic areas have a significant impact on the severity of a payer’s claims. Innovaccer’s COVID-19 Management System provides a deeper understanding of the patient population through the care network. Through Geotagging and analytics, the solution finds hot-spots where the risk of infections is high, as well as areas that utilize the maximum resources. By leveraging the deep analytical data payers can adapt to the needs of the patients, may it be offering virtual services to rural patients, those with mobility issues, or ease claim settlement processes in areas with increasing cases. Payers can add latent healthcare workforce capacity to a virtual network that can work as a boon in the current situation where provider to patient ratios are set to dwindle. Community workers on the network can be called upon to help through workload sharing options pre-built in the app.

Payers have a major role in improving health outcomes, making care more convenient, and increasing access to high-quality care for patients and that is precisely what Innovaccer’s COVID-19 Management Solution helps them in achieving. Physicians can be made available for patients on an as-needed basis while giving providers a choice to communicate with their patients without pushing congregation in small spaces like waiting rooms where the risks of contracting the virus are high, both for patients as well as providers.

Care and Essential Education is Available to Patients when Needed

The solution empowers patients with education and gives them simple, up-to-date recommendations to keep themselves safe and reduce panic. Education material is received directly on mobile devices that include prevention guidelines, advice for how to prevent transmission of the virus, and the steps needed to be taken in quarantine if tested positive for COVID-19. Necessary information such as guidelines on using masks, advisories on social distancing, and more can be quickly accessed. This can go a long way towards reducing both the panic and the chance of becoming infected with the virus. Besides, the telemedicine functionality makes Innovaccers’s COVID-19 Management System a pro-patient solution as they can connect with their care providers through their devices at the comfort of their homes. On a broader level, this reduces the risk of contracting the virus when traveling or in public spaces. Patients can get information specific to their circumstances, including the results of their lab tests, along with the needed advice, as soon as possible.


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Abhinav Shashank
COVID-19 Management System to Assist Patients, Providers and Payers

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