Data Wars: A New Hope For Healthcare

Abhinav Shashank
Fri 12 Aug 2016
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Not a long time ago in a galaxy not so far, far away…

It is a period of rising healthcare costs. Vendors striking from hidden silos have won their first victory against the non-electronic empire. During the battle, Data Interoperability was lost and the empire managed to confuse the Providers with Empire’s ultimate weapon, ‘healthcare gap’, an armored weapon with enough power to destroy trillions of dollars.

Pursued by the Empire’s sinister agents, Quality-based reporting home aboard its starship, custodian of the healthcare data that can save its people and restore freedom to Health Care.

On their way back to ‘healthy’ planet, Quality-based reporting was attacked by unstructured data and is now being held as a prisoner. Before getting caught, Quality-based reporting gave the plans to fight unstructured data to Shared savings. It has managed to escape from the attack with plans to defeat unstructured data. Bundled payment lands on a strange planet and there it meets its new master, Provider, who has been living with old technology for years.

One day when Provider and Bundled payment are out for a stroll, they come across a Jedi named EMR. Bundled payment on meeting with EMR informs them about the message Quality-based reporting had. Quality-based reporting needed EMRs help to fight against unstructured data. EMR asks provider to help him in finding Quality-based reporting and fighting the war against the empire.

Provider had its doubts and said that he cannot leave old technology behind that easily. It had stayed with them for far too long. EMR explains to him that provider is destined to achieve far greater things and that old technology is holding him back! EMR reassured Provider that they would support each other. Provider asked, “What is Big Data?” EMR said, “Big Data is the powerful source that surrounds us, helps us and binds the entire galaxy together.”

EMR and provider needed a spaceship to travel to the ‘healthy’ planet, so they went looking for a suitable pilot. In a bar, they found the best pilot, HIE. HIE accepted to help provider and EMR, but for a price. On their way, unstructured data attacked HIE and crew members. They were almost captured before they could hide in the ship. HIE could only do so much, but it helped provider, who had Big Data with him, in retrieving Data Interoperability.

In the spaceship, unstructured data felt the presence of an old Jedi. He started looking for him and eventually, he found EMR. An epic battle took place between EMR and unstructured data. Meanwhile, provider barely made it back to the spaceship with Quality-based care. As provider was about to leave with HIE, bundled payment and Quality-based reporting, unstructured data killed EMR, but EMR was not gone. Rather, it was the part of Big Data now.

With the help of HIE, they made it to ‘healthy’ planet. Unstructured Data followed them back and its spaceship was minutes away from destroying the ‘healthy’ planet, but provider with the help of Data Interoperability attacked the spaceship of unstructured Data and saved its people.

The battle hasn’t ended here and Unstructured Data has managed to escape. It can still cause a lot of damage. Our provider is young and will have to learn the Big Data ways and the art of using Data Interoperability to use maneuvers such as predictive analytics to restore the happiness in kingdom of Quality-based reporting.

May the Big Data be with the Provider.


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Abhinav Shashank
Data Wars: A New Hope For Healthcare

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