Innovaccer at HIMSS

Abhinav Shashank
Sat 18 Feb 2017
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Innovaccer Inc., a Silicon Valley- Headquartered Healthcare analytics company, will be at HIMSS 2017 in Orlando, Florida to accelerate improvements in the value-based ecosystem with its revamped proprietary product, Datashop – the operating system that powers healthcare.


Innovaccer’s revamped platform Datashop will have built-in Referral Management, Advanced Chronic Care Management, Patient Engagement, and MACRA solutions on top of the pre-existing holistic Population Health Management suite. The Innovaccer team will be there at HIMSS’17 to share the success of its customers and what all Datashop helped them achieve, as well as talk about the company’s journey thus far in delivering better clinical and financial outcomes in a value-based ecosystem.

The looming challenges in Value-based Reimbursements:

The major challenge when transitioning to value-based care is efficient and accurate data integration. Healthcare witnesses sprawling datasets every day, which owing to their siloed nature make it difficult to gather meaningful insights about patient clinical information, quality of care, costs, and outcomes. Approximately 35 percent of providers are doubtful of their abilities to measure their health system’s outcomes under new VBR models.  

The other barrier healthcare systems face in improving outcomes is navigating through poor interoperability standards. The lack of a common standard for data sharing across or out of the network makes it difficult for providers to share relevant data, workflows, referrals and enhance common capabilities. A health IT infrastructure, therefore, is crucial to plotting a roadmap to value-based reimbursement to improve data-sharing capabilities, increase network volume, efficiently deliver care, and contain operational costs.

Value-based Reimbursements with Datashop

Innovaccer’s robust and revamped product, Datashop – the operating system that powers healthcare, is a collection of several tools and features that healthcare organizations can use to achieve value-based care. The platform with its microservices architecture brings modularity to end-to-end solutions and help providers choose what they need.

Datashop combines advanced big data technologies like Hadoop and Spark to create an Integrated data lake as a data integration and storage repository. Along with it, other applications on the platform are:

  • Datashop Connect: 60+ pre-built connectors to various EHRs and billing systems that bring in all siloed datasets in a standardized and clean HL7 format.
  • Datashop Lake: An Integrated big data lake on a Hadoop framework to help analyze and process the data in real time.
  • Datashop Analyze: Sophisticated analytics performed on chunks of data to identify the at-risk population, stratify patients and learn about areas for improvement in the present as well as in the near future.
  • Datashop Reports: Automated quality reporting and tracking for measures including MACRA, PQRS, HEDIS, etc.
  • Datashop Coordinator: An AI-assisted care management suite combining care coordination and chronic care management into one and providing intelligent care plans and automated work queues for care coordinators.
  • Datashop Refer: A referral management suite that providers can use to manage referrals and work on minimizing network leakages.
  • Datashop Engage: Real-time patient health tracking with the use of machine learning and push notifications for patients and care coordinators.

Speaker session on the 7 stages of VBR

Sandeep Gupta, Co-founder & COO at Innovaccer will be presenting Datashop functionalities at a session on “7 Stages of Value-Based Reimbursement” with one of the company’s marquee clients, Mr. Mark Anderson, COO & VP of Operations of East Texas IPA. Mr.Anderson as a Healthcare Futurist with over 1,000 conference appearances on the needed improvements in healthcare will share his unique perspective on Value Based Reimbursement (VBR) system and his insight on what level of technology is required to navigate through the 7 different Stages of VBR successfully. The session will be held at 10:30 AM on February 20th, at Population Care Management Center in HIMSS’17.


Innovaccer is putting a concerted effort into improving population health and achieve comprehensive value in care. In this pursuit, Innovaccer is going to donate $5 to Red Cross, Children International or Watsi or Save the Children or any other NGO of a visitors’ choice so that underprivileged get better care. Innovaccer with its future-proof technology, is committed to making lives healthier through its #Connect4Care initiative and invites everyone to be a part of this commitment that will create impact at scale in improving population health.


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Abhinav Shashank
Innovaccer at HIMSS

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