Mercy ACO Supercharges Value Based Care Initiatives Through New Technology Partner Innovaccer

Abhinav Shashank
Fri 07 Apr 2017
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Today, while moving from a fee-for-service structure to a value-based ecosystem, healthcare organizations find themselves managing fragmented patient care in a disjointed care network. Although the changes in the healthcare payment model and remarkable innovations in the field of healthcare technology have been prompting healthcare executives to change the way they approach outcomes, the journey to data-driven health outcomes is a long one.

Mercy Accountable Care Organization, one of the largest value-focused organizations in the Mid-west, have recognized that analytics are an essential step in making data-driven decisions. The ACO initiated a brand-new approach to managing health outcomes, aided by Innovaccer’s Datashop, an end-to-end value-based care solution.

Standardization to Improve Outcomes

At Mercy, associated physicians, clinics, health systems, health coaches, and members of interdisciplinary care teams are responsible for improving patient care and outcomes. Mercy realized that all of the information needed to form a complete picture of the patient population resides in disjointed siloed systems. Lack of proper IT infrastructure brings instability, difficulty in extracting data and limited the organization’s ability to evaluate performances, plan interventions, and make a well-informed decision.

ACO felt substantial challenges:  

  • Siloed data sets and unstandardized data make information gathering tedious and complex.
  • Incomplete data coming in from various sources affecting clinical quality delivery.
  • Clinical teams finding themselves in need of updated data, and IT teams on the challenges with proper data articulation.
  • Integrating all sources of clinical information together to develop a unique patient record will all necessary information.
  • Tedious excel sheet increasing the amount of work and reducing the efficiency.

Leveraging Data and Analytics with Datashop

To ensure they succeed in their value-based outcomes, Mercy ACO appointed Innovaccer and chose to deploy its proprietary product, Datashop. Datashop has been purpose-built to meet the business needs and objectives of value-focused organizations. Datashop helps organizations integrate data siloes and derive actionable insights with descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics and achieve better clinical outcomes.   

Datashop simplified the entire data integration, normalization, and analysis process for Mercy manifold. It can easily integrate data from multiple sources, enabling physicians, health coaches, and interdisciplinary care teams to identify patients at risk and called for urgent attention. Datashop’s Integrated Data Lake on a Hadoop-based infrastructure offers pre-built connectors to widely used EHRs and held siloed data sets with medication information, diagnostic testings, and social determinants of health. The platform integrated these data sets and created a holistic patient record – Patient 360 that helped physicians and care teams pinpoint gaps and address them at the point of care.

This apart, the bidirectionally interoperable platform offered hassle-free tracking and quality reporting, automated work queues, and care management for the ACO staff to help manage their patients better.

Integrated Care Management with Machine Learning

Care management is imperative for any value-focused organization, and to effectively manage its patients with complex needs, Mercy ACO leveraged Datashop Care Coordinator – an end-to-end comprehensive care management suite, combining care coordination, chronic care management, and transitional care management.

Datashop Care is supported by an Artificially Intelligent platform with machine learning algorithms that replaced manual labor of working with static and flat files. The AI-assisted platform helped Mercy ACO create automated and intelligent work queues with a manual override so that physicians can set their priorities and strategies to address the patient’s health. By incorporating Patient 360, the care teams could view and analyze a patient’s complete profile – demographics, clinical data, claims, billings, measures, episodes, risk scores, etc. and use this information to design a suitable, tailor-made care plan.

As the data was ingested in the Datashop platform in real-time, care teams could always be aware and updated with the latest and the most recent development of patient health. All the admissions, discharges, and care opportunities were notified to the health coaches and care teams within 24 hours, making the process of timely intervention more effective.

The Road Ahead

Mercy ACO continues to deliver its mission to transform care and improve health outcomes across the patient population. Mercy ACO has displayed massive, sustained improvements in value-based outcomes and by tapping Datashop’s disruptive algorithms and advanced analytics, they would keep on improving the quality of their services, efficiently deliver care, and lower costs. Datashop will build on their success and further ensure bridging the gaps in care and support Mercy in its journey to a data-centric healthcare, reflecting value in care.  


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To learn more about Datashop’s offering in value-based care domain, schedule a personal demo.


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Abhinav Shashank
Mercy ACO Supercharges Value Based Care Initiatives Through New Technology Partner Innovaccer

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