StratiFi Health Cements Population Health Initiatives with Health IT: 4 Things to Know

Abhinav Shashank
Fri 24 Nov 2017
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Population health management- a term that is widely used and heard in healthcare, but scarcely understood. Some focus on bringing about better clinical outcomes. Others focus on measuring the outcomes and becoming accountable. Regardless, healthcare organizations across the country are developing and implementing population health initiatives. More and more organizations are looping in health IT to streamline patient care, risk assessment and preventive care.

StratiFi Health, a physician services and population health organization, believes in unifying care with quality. The network was faced with some challenges as they navigated the value-based reforms. Based in Texas with more than 65 practice sites, StratiFi Health needed a drilled-down approach to understand their patient population on parameters such as risk, age, gender, location, and others- all the while enhancing their performance.

The organization engaged Innovaccer’s Care Intelligence SystemTM, Datashop, to realize care outcomes and here are four things to know:

  1. StratiFi Health deals with more than 500 primary care providers focused on making over a million lives healthier across the southwest U.S. Spread out in 65+ practice locations, StratiFi Health has contracts with 5+ national payers and three of the largest national labs and needed to integrate data from these numerous disparate systems.

  2. With more than a million patients attributed, the organization needed a precise, consolidated view of patients and their clinical history at the point of care. Single, longitudinal records of critical information were required to keep track of outcomes and performance for advancing population health.

  3. Innovaccer’s Care Intelligence System deployed its Integrated Data Lake, a Big data repository that provides the care management team with integrated and standardized clinical information for all patients. The integrated information is presented as “Patient 360” for providers on dashboards, providing a better understanding of patient population and highlighting the gaps in care.

  4. The reconciled patient information will also be utilized by providers to track the organization’s performance on 20 quality measures. This will assist the StratiFi Health in monitoring their performance and negotiating payer contracts for five different contracts.

The future calls for technology that can not only crunch massive amounts of data but can also unlock its true potential in delivering coordinated, data-driven care. Achieving true population health management, we can’t limit ourselves to traditional ways. True PHM requires transparency, better data management, and a smart system to predict valuable, necessary insights to realize the dream- a better healthcare world.

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Abhinav Shashank
StratiFi Health Cements Population Health Initiatives with Health IT: 4 Things to Know

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