Providers Are Hesitant About Value-Based Care – What Will Make Them Ready?

This is part two of our "VBC's Tipping Point" series. If you missed the first part, you can read more about why value-based care is closer than you think. In the previous article, Amy Stevens, General Manager of Provider Performance and Innovation at Innovaccer, debunked three common myths about the barriers faced by health systems in transitioning to value-based care:

  1. "Health systems are at a disadvantage in a consumer-focused world."
  2. "Health systems can't do technology."
  3. "Health systems don't have the money."

However, the truth, although counterintuitive, tells a different story.

Value-based care represents a profound transformation in care delivery. Technology plays an enabling role, but it is not the sole solution. The digital transformation of healthcare is necessary, but it is currently progressing at a slower pace.

In this article, Amy Stevens continues to debunk more myths about the provider's journey toward value-based care.

Read this eBook to explore the following topics:
Why healthcare needs a digital transformation.

How healthcare can harness the potential of its massive amounts of data through technological advancements.

Why the shift to value-based care is a transition rather than an instant transformation.

The importance of driving enhanced healthcare outcomes for all stakeholders involved.

How care teams can predict their performance against targets and make necessary adjustments along the way to optimize available revenue.


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