A Roadmap for Success in the Transition to Value

Team Innovaccer
Wed 04 May 2022
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Dr. Nicole Fetter is a partner in the health segment of Guidehouse, recognized as the third largest healthcare management consulting firm by Modern Healthcare in 2021.

On today's show, Dr. Fetter joins Charu Madan, Innovaccer's VP of partnerships, and show host Steve Ambrose, to discuss the elements of a sound strategy to accelerate providers' transition to value. They also identify common pitfalls often encountered on the road to transformation, and share proven approaches for overcoming them.

Here's what they covered:

  • Four key components to success in value-based care
  • A balanced operational approach to transitioning to value
  • The struggle to use data to inform strategy
  • How to close the data gap
  • Why 70% of change efforts fail—and how to be in the 30% that succeed
  • Breaking down data silos to unleash transformation
  • How providers can work with physicians on practice-level transformation
  • Three dimensions of COVID-19's impact on transformation
  • Innovative technology and care models to stem the staffing crisis
  • A compass for finding partnering opportunities within and outside the healthcare ecosystem
  • Two key obstacles that impede healthcare data interoperability
  • Unleashing the power of data: When perfect is the enemy of good
  • Why two Best in KLAS organizations (Innovaccer and Guidehouse) came together
  • How customers can benefit from the Innovaccer-Guidehouse partnership

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Team Innovaccer
A Roadmap for Success in the Transition to Value

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