Caring As One: Life Sciences Joins the Party

Adam Sinensky
Thu 13 May 2021
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Care Management and Value-Based Care are the top themes in Healthcare. These themes predominantly play out between Provider organisations and patients, with the former taking the sole responsibility of delivering care to the patients.

Life Sciences organizations are equally willing participants in driving high-quality healthcare to patients to improve patient outcomes. They are fully aligned with providers to prevent diseases by getting the patients the right value-based therapy and ensuring patients realize maximum benefits from the therapy.

There are examples of Life Sciences and Providers working together, like Merck and Geisenger, who partnered to support patients at Geisenger across multiple therapeutic areas. This collaboration depended on a one-off relationship with a highly customised technology. However, this is not scalable to work with a network of providers and life sciences organisations.

A unified healthcare technology platform that enables a network of Providers and Lifesciences organisations to collaborate in driving patient-centric solutions to patients will have a multiplier effect in delivering scalable and efficient care to patients.

Three capabilities and value proposition of an effective technology solution that enables a network of Life Sciences and Provider organizations to work more intimately in support of patient outcomes:

  • Firstly, a data platform with the ability to creation of a longitudinal view of each patient across all data sources - clinical, claims, genomics, social determinants, and wearables. A comprehensive patient view will uncover each patient’s unique needs and help to identify and fill the gaps.
    • EMRs provide information on prescribed medication only if there is a link to the Rx claim. ADT feeds provide insights into a patient’s history of any acute event, but this event’s cost information is missing without the claim.
  • Secondly, an analytics layer on top of this data platform that identifies patient needs that helps in:
    • Identifying un/under-diagnosed patients
    • Predicting which patients are at risk of non-adherence to the prescribed therapy
    • Alerting when patients are not achieving their target clinical outcomes
    • Understanding the impact of social determinants on patients.
  • Finally, a suite of collaborative tools deployed across this network of providers and life sciences organisations drives action on identified patient needs.
    • Help adequate diagnosis and therapy prescription for patients
    • Help patients get enrolled in Care Plans targeted to their needs
    • Help patients overcome Social Barriers preventing adherence
    • Help Providers support their Patients!

At Innovaccer, when we say Care as One, this includes Life Sciences. We are actively bringing together providers and life sciences on the foundation of our Data Activation Platform, Patient360 solution, and a suite of collaborative applications across patient, provider, and care-team. This network and the supporting technology are focused on driving patient outcomes by ensuring accurate diagnoses, identifying optimal therapy, and helping the patient optimize therapy outcomes.


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Adam Sinensky
Caring As One: Life Sciences Joins the Party

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