Datashop – The Operating System that Powers Healthcare

Abhinav Shashank
Tue 31 Jan 2017
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Healthcare has entered the digital age as it now focuses on gathering meaningful insights out of chunks of data and optimize their resources. About 66% of the respondents in a survey listed analytics as one of their top three priorities and 59% of them were driven by the rising costs and falling quality in healthcare. But this journey has major speed bumps along its way and finding the tool most suited to overcome rising number of silos, further establishing interoperability, and delivering better clinical outcomes in the ever-changing healthcare landscape was must.

After working with top healthcare organization, we realized that there are major challenges in the road to value-based care. Access to quality data, capability to perform advanced analytics, and tracking the outcomes on a regular basis is prerequisite to value-based care.

A lot has to be fixed in health care!

We found organizations were unable to gather data from various facilities in its network, let alone track their performances. There was a lot of hassle in monitoring the health of each patient. Furthermore, dealing with excel was a daunting task for the care teams making care delivery a tedious task. All of this reduced the physician-patient interaction time with added complexity in the basic health care delivery. Greater challenges would rise if the patient had to switch a PCP and the medical history was not with new care team. Besides all of this, the losses incurred in reporting were huge!

We worked collaboratively on a platform that can solve all these problems!  This HIMSS we are launching the advanced version of  Datashop, the operating system that powers healthcare – which organizations can use to harness the full potential of data and put it to vital use, and transition to value-based care efficiently.

“You can’t improve what you can’t measure”

Datashop, a truly interoperable purpose built platform that combines advanced big data technologies like Hadoop and Spark to deal with massive healthcare data. With inbuilt A.I capabilities this operating system is one of its kind and provides sophisticated analytics, improved care delivery, better health outcomes, and significant reduction in cost.

Some applications on the platform are:

1. Datashop Connect: Combining and managing data from different sources is one of the major barriers healthcare systems face, for starters. Datashop comes with pre-built connectors to 50+ widely used EHR systems,  integrates the incoming, disparate data, and present all the clinical, claims, and other operational data in a normalized, clean HL7 format. With pre-built connectors, Datashop does most of the heavy lifting required to achieve 2-way interoperability and provides users with standardized data on a point-n-click interface, facilitating easy configuration of multiple data sources. 

2. Datashop Lake: The amount of healthcare data is poised to grow at a rate of 48% per year, and most of it would be unstructured, unmodeled data. Datashop’s Hadoop-based big data lake pulls in and organize all the siloed data a health system has into a single source of truth. The 2-way interoperable integrated data lake can aggregate data from a number of sources and integrates vital patient demographics, medical visit history, vitals, diagnoses, and their financial details helping users analyze data without any prior technical know-how and gather much meaningful insights into population health trends than on individual systems.

3. Datashop Analyze: Without proper analysis to generate meaningful insights, the vast amount of data, integrated or no, is unusable. Datashop counters that by bringing in Datashop Analyze, a tool that health systems can use to pinpoint the areas to prioritize quality and cost improvements. Once the data is integrated into performance dashboards, laying out important measures in a card-like fashion, providers can have a dynamic view of patients and disease registries, review benchmarks and trends in real-time, drill down to identify gaps in care and find the areas for interventions. In addition, Datashop is equipped with predictive analytics, enabling providers to monitor their trends well ahead of time and take necessary measures to stay on track. 

4. Datashop Reports: In order to achieve successful outcomes, healthcare systems require continuous monitoring of their metrics and have reliable, updated data at the ready. Datashop comes with more than 800 built-in quality measures, including the ones from CMS, MACRA, PQRS, HEDIS, etc. Datashop Reports also allow users to build their own measures, with relevant data to track and report. With patient-level tracking and predictive analytics included, physicians can monitor and measure the quality of care being provided to each and every patient, find the weak links, and plan a timely intervention. Moreover, since Datashop ingests and utilizes data from EHRs, which is well ahead of claims data, users can obtain updated information for real-time reporting.

5. Datashop Coordinator: Care coordination is often the missing piece in comprehensive population health management. Datashop has developed an AI-assisted care management platform that puts together the best caregivers and health coaches and rolls out plans for post-episode care. Coupled with predictive analytics and risk stratification, patients are stratified on the basis of underlying risk and automatically plan an intervention. With Datashop, health coaches can connect with patients and develop a care plan specific to their, needs complete with basic facilities and regular follow-ups. 

6. Datashop Refer: Often, coordinating care between in-service and out-of-network providers can prove to be inefficient and time-consuming, and result in a loss of revenue because of lack of coordinated, efficient care. Datashop Refer was developed keeping this anomaly in view, connecting clinicians, physicians, hospitals, payers, and other healthcare providers on a unified platform, enabling a seamless exchange of referrals in a reliable manner. Leveraging Datashop’s mapping tables, providers can schedule and share referrals across the network, and monitor the highlights, key trends in their network performance, plug leakages, and make better-informed decisions.

7. Datashop Engage: Lately, with the entire industry focusing on succeeding with the Triple Aim, creating a patient-centric industry where patient experience and satisfaction is paramount. With Datashop’s AI incorporated platform, providers can connect with their patients in real-time and assist with providing post-acute care. By leveraging data analytics and creating a holistic patient profile, physicians can obtain an accurate analysis of their patients and work on countering chronic conditions, sudden risks, identify inefficiencies, reduce readmission rates, and cut down costs. 


How good data helps achieve better health outcomes?

Technology has always been a cornerstone in healthcare, making way for further innovation, and Datashop is the platform that keeps up with the pace and focus of the healthcare industry. Our platform has contributed to improving operational efficiency and population health in many ways:

  • More than 35 million data elements were aggregated, coming in from 15+ EMRs, spanning over 30 hospitals and 100 clinics within 4 weeks.
  • Reducing 30-day readmission rate below 4% for one year.
  • The patient outreach programs generated about 55,000 unique patient visits for preventive, follow-up or acute care.

A data-driven healthcare is what’s coming, and it creates numerous opportunities to improve quality, make healthcare affordable and equitable, and go as far as delivering personalized care. The increasing focus on improving quality and reducing cost of care casts a growing emphasis on reimbursing for value, and will aggressively push the call for a data-driven healthcare forward –  and Datashop, the operating system that powers healthcare will help healthcare organizations to optimally manage care processes while gathering data and creating an environment that supports continuous learning and improvements.


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Abhinav Shashank
Datashop – The Operating System that Powers Healthcare

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