How can the Cohort Builder Improve Care Delivery?

Mike Sutten
Mon 19 Oct 2020
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Defining patient populations is an important first step when it comes to identifying opportunities for clinical improvement. The conversion and delivery of actionable information to appropriate resources are major challenges for healthcare organizations when managing population health. This conversion is highly dependent on knowing your patients, their needs and common patterns relevant to a disease.

Advancement of healthcare technology over the years has now opened avenues for clinicians to find a specific patient population and help turn the analytics to actionable steps that improve outcomes.

What is the Registry Builder?

The Registry Builder (or Cohort Builder) allows our users to easily build cohorts based on multiple conditions. The users may vary from data analysts, healthcare leadership, care coordinators, to physicians. Every hospital today has an enterprise management system that interfaces with the EHR system. This system is a cogent source of structured data. Categorizing this data efficiently to find patients for clinical tests, follow-up, or sending educational material can help providers improve care delivery. Using cohorts to funnel care initiatives makes it easier to leverage future technologies such as predictive analytics to improve health outcomes.

What makes Innovaccer's Cohort Builder unique?

Innovaccer Cohort Builder takes the guesswork out of helping patients. It simplifies the process of building cohorts and provides actionable insights on the patient population. The solution allows providers to take actions based on the insights, for example - an organization can easily send outreach campaigns to all patients in a registry or assign them for care-coordination. The cohort offers communication tools to bulk-assign tasks to care, team members, perform direct patient outreach, place referrals, and order relevant laboratory tests and diagnostic tests for thousands of patients simultaneously. Cohorts can combine healthcare data as well as data relevant to social determinants of health, bringing complex insights necessary for improved care under one umbrella.

The Cohort Builder:

Caters to all relevant personas in the healthcare delivery chain.
    1. a. For Analysts - The Cohort Builder can help deploy complex stratification techniques to manage key metrics around cost, utilization, quality and risk. This makes analysis of business opportunities and quality of care quick and simple.
    2. b. For Leadership - The tool reduces dependency on other teams by building self-service population queries. With an easy-to-use interface, providers and other healthcare stakeholders can build their own queries on various cohorts for actionable insights.

The end-user can filter patients based on either a diagnosis code or predefined value sets.

  1. 2. Makes registries/cohorts easy to build

    On the Cohort Builder, registries can be built from scratch using filters, uploading patient lists or by updating existing registries. The advanced query builder on Innovaccer Cohort Builder allows the users to build complex queries using multiple brackets AND/OR operators.

The advanced Registry Builder allows the users to build complex queries using multiple brackets AND/OR operators.

  1. 3. Is comprehensive and configurable

    Users can gather data from anywhere in the organization as the solution utilizes Innovaccers FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform that centralizes all healthcare data for providers. This makes creating patient lists much more simple and configurable. The queries can be customized based on the need of each individual user.

  2. 4. Enables collaboration

    Healthcare stakeholders can collaborate on the Cohort Builder by sharing their draft and published registries with others. This allows care teams and providers to work simultaneously on improving population health and help leadership keep a check on the quality of care and other metrics.

  3. 5. Is secure

    Innovaccer Cohort Builder is HIPPA compliant and built with security at its core. The solution shows patients’ information while simultaneously allowing stakeholders to collaborate and share information.


Valuable insights through data can help judicious use of resources and improved care for patients. By making healthcare data work for more people and patients, the Registry Builder lets you initiate complex queries against patient information with the click of a few buttons.


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Mike Sutten
How can the Cohort Builder Improve Care Delivery?

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