In the News: Innovaccer Unveils the Future of AI in Healthcare at the Innovation Keynote

Mon 18 Sep 2023
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The AI buzz isn’t over yet—and it’s probably here to stay! Innovaccer had its “AI moment” and took the industry by storm at its most significant launch of the year. At the company’s first annual virtual Innovation Keynote, the energy was palpable, the audience comments were flowing, and the reporter’s notebooks were buzzing as the company unveiled its new suite of innovative AI solutions, ”Sara for Healthcare.”

Here’s a peek at some of the headlines that came out of the event:

  • Healthcare IT News
    Innovaccer launches 'Sara' AI assistants across four AI platforms

  • Fierce Healthcare
    Innovaccer unveils AI solution suite targeting clinician, executive pain points

  • MedCity News
    Innovaccer Unveils AI Suite With Automation Tools For Doctors, C-Suite Execs, Care Managers & More

  • HIT Consultant
    Innovaccer Launches AI Automation Suite, Sara for Healthcare

  • The Global VC
    How Innovaccer is embracing AI to save healthcare workers their most precious commodity

  • Healthcare IT Today
    Innovaccer Inc. launched a new suite of AI solutions at their Innovation Keynote

  • Digital Health Wire
    Not to let other AI events have all the fun, Innovaccer’s inaugural Innovation Keynote introduced its own impressive suite of “Sara for Healthcare” solutions.

More than 5,000 people signed up for the live virtual event to see AI-powered solutions built to revolutionize provider experiences and patient care across platforms.

Kanav Hasija, Innovaccer cofounder and chief product officer; Anil Jain, MD, Innovaccer’s chief innovation officer; and Erin Boor, senior director of clinical transformation at Innovaccer introduced groundbreaking technologies that understand healthcare’s complexities—including semantic, security, privacy, and regulatory requirements—to give providers practical yet unprecedented power to take high-quality, low-cost, patient-centered care to the next level.

The four Sara-powered solutions—the initial rollout of an expanding portfolio of AI-powered solutions to come from Innovaccer—included Sara for Insights, Sara for Care Managers, Sara for Point of Care, and Sara for Experience Center.

We thank all of the reporters and editors who covered the event. We appreciate your effort to keep the industry informed, and look forward to seeing you at our next Innovation Keynote!


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