How to Improve the Patient Video Calling Experience with an FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform

Team Innovaccer
Mon 05 Oct 2020
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Virtual care is changing the way we experience healthcare, and patients are becoming increasingly open to the idea as they realize virtual care means more accessible, convenient healthcare. Providers are beginning to see the benefits better outcomes, happier patients, and fewer hospital readmissions. Virtual care definitely has its advantages, but there are also some disadvantages. 


In our last blog, we discussed how high call failure rates remain a challenge and continue to impede seamless virtual care delivery. In this blog, we will discuss another challenge: a poor video calling experience and how it is a significant barrier to making the shift to virtual care.


Challenge: Poor Video Calling Experience


For those patients who are equipped to reach you over video calls, how well does your virtual care solution work? Is it doing a good job of re-creating the in-person visit when you engage with your patients virtually? 


We’ve broken the experience down into three key components with solutions to address each of them:


First, the video call clarity has to be exceptional.


This is key to helping you have the kind of interactive conversation that you are accustomed to having with your patients. Moreover, it enhances your ability to gain critical information about your patients’ symptoms and problems. Our secure HD video calls are powered by intelligence that automatically detects bandwidth-related issues and switches to SD calls/voice calls, ensuring a seamless virtual visit and improved patient satisfaction.


Second, we are enhancing teamwork in your care delivery.


Do you have someone who assists with note-taking? Do you have translators to help you communicate with your patients? We know these aren't outliers, so we provide you with the ability to add your key partners into your video visits. While they will be fully present on the call to assist you, they won't interfere with your patient interactions.


Third, we assist by encouraging family-inclusive care.


There are instances where a patient would love to have a parent/child/partner/friend or family member be a part of their conversations. We don't restrict your ability to care as a team only to your staff; we help you involve your patients’ loved ones within any video interaction.


Virtual Care is Growing


With rapidly rising healthcare costs, the need for virtual care solutions continues to grow. They save money both for the patient and the provider. Despite a few challenges, their pros outweigh the cons. From providing remote consultations to around-the-clock care, these solutions maintain continuity of care, ensure treatment adherence and ultimately, lead to improved health outcomes. 


So, this was our second blog in a series where we discussed challenges experienced in delivering a seamless virtual care experience and how a Data Activation Platform is driving virtual care adoption. There is more coming, so stay tuned. 


We’d love to hear your thoughts, insights, questions and success stories! Drop your comments below.


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Team Innovaccer
How to Improve the Patient Video Calling Experience with an FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform

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