Join us for #HITtalk - our first Twitter chat at HLTH 2021!

Team Innovaccer
Fri 15 Oct 2021
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We’re excited to share that we’re hosting our first Twitter chat - #HITtalk - on Tuesday, October 19, at 11 AM EDT (8 AM PT) from the HTLH conference in Boston. We’d love you to join the chat and engage with healthcare stakeholders on the latest trends and challenges in digital transformation and healthcare innovation.

How can you participate? (If you know how a Twitter Chat works, you can skip this section!)

Click. Hashtag. Tweet. ✨

You can kick off and get the conversation rolling by simply clicking on #HITtalk to join the chat with leaders and innovators in the digital health space. We’ll be sharing topics on Twitter and you can respond with your point of view, advice, and engage with other participants in the chat. Be sure to include the #HITtalk hashtag in your tweets so others can read and respond.

We hope you can join us and meet others in the chat. At the #HITtalk chat, we’ll discuss the following questions and topics:

✨ What is your organization’s top digital priority? #HITtalk

✨ What digital patient engagement initiative is your top priority?#HITtalk

✨ As a healthcare consumer, what are the top three things you would like to change in healthcare today? #HITtalk

✨ What are the barriers preventing your organization from achieving a digital-first reality in healthcare? Are they technological or cultural? #HITtalk

✨ Is telehealth now an established care option? What issues could prevent, or even reverse, the continued use of telehealth post-pandemic? Licensing issues across state lines? Reimbursement parity? #HITtalk

BONUS QUESTION: What do you think the future of healthcare looks like? #HITtalk

Each question will be open for answering for 20 minutes, after which we'll post the next question.

When will the Twitter chat start?

  • Date: October 19, 2021
  • Time: 11 AM - 1 PM EDT

We are looking forward to your participation during the #HITtalk, and we can’t wait to learn and grow with the #HITtalk community!

See you on Twitter!


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Team Innovaccer
Join us for #HITtalk - our first Twitter chat at HLTH 2021!

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