Success Story: P360 on Epic's AppOrchard

Saumya Srivastava
Thu 26 Nov 2020
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Interoperability provides the opportunity to make a healthcare organization an information-rich, patient-centered enterprise in a value-driven environment.

It was just about a couple of weeks ago that we talked about successfully having achieved interoperability with Epic through our MDM Multicareintegration. Well, we have some great news!

Innovaccer’s Patient360 is now integrated into Epic’s marketplace- AppOrchard.

Completing this integration successfully was no piece of cake. Everyone familiar with Epic can relate to this. As for the others, trust us, you can take our word for it.

This blog talks about our journey to achieve this incredible milestone.

Problem Statement

When organizations change EHRs, acquire new practice sites with different EHRs, or are acquired, patient data is often archived without being transferred in or copied over to the new system.

This was precisely the problem that Dupage had. They wanted to access all of that data along with an added advantage of single sign-on with Epic.

About App Orchard

The App Orchard is Epic’s marketplace where developers can learn about Epic's APIs and list their apps for Epic community members to explore and access.

With more than 500 participating organizations and its own full-time technical services (TS) team at Epic, App Orchard has grown into a mature ecosystem.

The Road So Far

Kickstarted with a use-case from Dupage, the overall solution took close to about a year. The solution is now ready and can work for all customers using Epic as an EHR. Given that Innovaccer’s Patient360 adds an excellent value proposition to Epic’s existing functionalities, this will prove to be a fruitful partnership.

The high-level architecture of the solution is depicted in the image below:

Key Highlights

  • The integration reflects our continued growth to cater to our customers’ needs and provide them with an improved experience every inch of the way.
  • A great value add-on for Epic

    • When clinical staff views the patient chart in Epic, a button in their workspace opens the patient’s 360-degree view on Innovaccer’s Data Activation Platform, thus providing the user with a more robust patient record.
    • The nurses and physicians can now access aggregated data from disparate sources from within Epic.
    • Most Patient-360 fields, API calls to retrieve specific data, and tabs built to display output can all be customized as requested.
  • Single sign-on
    • The integration automatically signs in the user to the platform and open the patient profile by sending the active patient’s information to the app.
    • This all works by allowing single sign-on then using API calls to access the Patient 360 data.
  • Quick and seamless

    • The integration and the overall solution is seamless and provided quick access to the data from disparate sources through a central service.
    • The architecture is scalable and can be expanded in the future for other apps like InNote and InCare.


  • With no previous experience of such an integration, we had jumped in blind to get the solution up and ready.
  • The development is done by Epic consultants, and we had to go through several rounds to give them clarity on the use-case.
  • The team from India could not join any calls with Epic, so a barrier of communication was persistent throughout
  • Epic is the gatekeeper and has all the influence on publishing the app to its marketplace. There is an intensive review and approval process for the apps, and we had to go through that to have the app published on AppOrchard.

The Road Ahead

Successful integration with the Epic marketplace is a great milestone and opens the door to many partnerships. This will help us showcase the value add-on that we bring to the Epic users.

With the learnings from this integration, the team has a few other moonshots planned:

  • Integrate InNote to AppOrchard
  • Integrate P360, InNote, and InCare to the top 5 EHR players’ marketplace in the US Healthcare industry.

To know how you can drive smart care management on a FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform, get a demo.

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Saumya Srivastava
Success Story: P360 on Epic's AppOrchard

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