Advanced Data Integration to Empower Healthcare Organizations to Deliver Data-Driven Outcomes

Spread across 65 practices in Texas, the ACO was engaged with five national and commercial payers, looking after more than 200,000 patients. With data incoming from EHRs at 60+ practices, over 280 physicians, and three labs, the ACO required a holistic view of population health. The ACO quickly recognized the need to focus precisely on bridging the gaps in care and implemented Innovaccer’s Data Activation Platform. The ACO primarily leveraged the platform to develop a collaborative approach to integrate and exchange data, and eliminate the lack of transparency.
The organization was able to obtain:
Over 200,000 patient records streamlined for 65 practices.

Gaps in care bridged for 9,000+ lives by 25 care managers in only 6 months.

1 fte saved for the network within the first month of implementation.a Name: Email Address: Organization: Contact Number: Message:


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