How A Leading Health Network Optimized Clinical Operations With Real-time and Predictive Insights on Dynamic Resource

A leading health system with a multi-state presence in the Western United States, comprising approximately 30 acute care hospitals and other health entities, dealt with an ineffective resource management system. Due to the lack of real-time visibility into COVID operations and data silos, it was difficult to make informed administrative decisions and enhance patient throughput. The system also wanted to resolve the burgeoning resource challenge to adhere to compliance and reporting requirements.
To cope with COVID patient inflow and drive the intelligent digital transformation of their COVID-19 operations, the system leveraged Innovaccer’s “COVID-19 Command Center” solution, which optimized their care operations with real-time insights into resource optimization and complete network visibility. With real-time and predictive dashboards under seven key categories and true transparency with in-depth visibility across their networks, operations, and patients, the system achieved:
Higher efficiency in the clinical pre-procedural optimization

Improved patient throughput across facilities

Optimized staff planning

Reduced compliance efforts

Reduced readmissions with better post-care management

Cost savings in IT operations

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