Increasing Operational Efficiency and Enabling Care Coordinators to Address More Cases Per Day Using the Innovaccer Health Cloud

A leading primary healthcare provider in Florida, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Texas, offers services including patient-centered primary and urgent care to more than 250,000 patients in more than nine value-based contracts. The provider’s primary aim was twofold: increase operational efficiency across its network and enable healthcare providers to improve population health outcomes. It also aimed to enhance its network management approach and develop data-driven patient engagement strategies. Using the Provider and Patient Engagement solutions on the Innovaccer Health Cloud, the organization helped care teams coordinate care, manage resources, and monitor performance while engaging patients along each step of their care journeys.
Read this Success Stories to learn about:
Saved $600,000 on operational expenses over six months

Realized $28,000 of value as of May 2021

20 care coordinators engaged for 6 months of implementation

Saved approximately 10 minutes per case as a result of being able to find patient information directly on the Innovaccer Health Cloud through point-of-care alerts and Patient 360 profiles


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