Reducing 30-day Readmission Rates with Integrated Care Management on the Innovaccer Health Cloud

A leading PHSO with more than 3,500 providers and 310,000 patients sought to improve care coordination, manage resources, monitor performance, and engage patients with data-driven strategies. To accomplish these goals, its leadership team created an aggressive data integration strategy with Innovaccer to connect hundreds of disparate systems across the network and develop a customized and integrated care management solution on a single data platform. With the Innovaccer Health Cloud and its suite of patient-centric solutions, the PHSO was able to reduce unnecessary ED utilization and readmissions and increase the number of annual wellness visits.
Read this Success Stories to learn about:
A 7.14% reduction in the 30-day readmission rate

A 31% increase in the annual wellness visit rate

A 14.26% increase in primary provider services

A 6.65% reduction in ED utilization


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