Driving Value in Care with Data

Thu 24 Dec 2020
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In 2014, IDC estimated that if all digital data in healthcare were loaded onto the memory in a stack of tablets, it would reach 82,000 miles high, or one-third of the way to the moon by 2020.

The healthcare industry today is booming with new information. As we continue to move towards advanced clinical analysis and more data-oriented systems to improve care, this trend will not slow down. The healthcare data generated over the years can be utilized to bring more value to care delivery.

Leveraging technology to make the most of healthcare data

Improved Operational Efficiency

From the healthcare service providers’ perspective, healthcare data helps understand the historical admission and discharge rates of patients. It also helps to analyze staff efficiency and productivity while handling the different volumes of patients. Understanding the data will help healthcare organizations reduce their operational costs and provide better care to their patients.

Enhance Patient Care and Treatment

Healthcare data helps to understand the electronic health records, gather demographic and medical data like clinical data, pathology tests, medical conditions and diagnosis and assist doctors to facilitate better care delivery to a wider range of patients.

Through technologies such as AI, healthcare data contributes to better insights into patients that are highly vulnerable to diseases, thereby allowing them to take proactive actions for preventive measures.

Healthcare data also helps educate patients and keep them informed about the various illnesses and take care of their wellness, minimizing the dependency on others. Overall, data can play a crucial role in providing better medical care facilities, making patients healthier.

Personalized and Integrated Communication

Improving the overall communication system and patient assistance is another advantage of leveraging healthcare data. Utilizing this information, healthcare experts can create a well-informed communication system for personalized interaction through chatbots and virtual assistance.

The integrated communication system also improves the patient experience through patient apps. Healthcare data can drive engagement and optimize call center operations resulting in increased patient satisfaction.

Added Benefits

  • Access electronic medical records anytime from anywhere to enhance the care continuum.
  • Immediate access to information such as reviews and feedback from patients or doctors, hospitals and healthcare clinics.
  • Organizations can evaluate their own performance and make necessary improvements.

By leveraging the data, providers can address affordability, accessibility and quality challenges commonly associated with delivering care in a value-based environment. The problem is that most organizations lack the modernized healthcare technology, data management disciplines or skilled resources to benefit from the influx of data.

Challenges Associated with Healthcare Data

  • Fragmented data
  • Cleaning
  • Privacy and Security Regulations
  • Unified format

As healthcare organizations move toward value-based models and population health, they need to draw upon new sources of data to enhance the ability of care teams to understand and alleviate social barriers their patients face. More specifically, they need to zero in on the social determinants of health (SDoH).

The Road Ahead

With modern healthcare data infrastructure in place, healthcare organizations will be able to manage the tsunami of data in the current environment. Innovaccer’s FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform can leverage smart automation for care management and enhance population health outcomes with data and analytics. Designed for all your data-related needs, this solution can build a bridge that can help healthcare organizations adopt strategies that can leverage this data to improve outcomes and empower our providers to engage better with their patients and care as one for a safer and healthier population.

To learn more about the FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform and how it can improve care delivery click here.


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Driving Value in Care with Data

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