Dynamic P360 - Finding patient data just got easier P360

Trisha Shrivastava
Tue 29 Sep 2020
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Whether it’s our care managers, the medical assistants, or the coders, when they use Patient 360, the aim is always to find the relevant patient data. While Patient 360 has been improving over time based on our users' needs, we understand that our goal of empowering our users will be realized in the true sense if we make this search of relevant information as easy and quick as possible.

And hence, we’re coming up with a brand new feature - Dynamic Patient 360 to enable our users to find patient data ~75% faster, without switching back and forth between tabs.


User empathy and design thinking have been at the core of everything we create and that is why we spent the first few months talking to our users, analyzing their usage patterns, and further discussing those insights with our powerful line of SMEs.

The two major pain points that emerged out of the research were:

  • When our users are working on a task in a care protocol it becomes challenging for them to refer back patient data from the clinical data tab as they fear losing the context of the task and find it very time-consuming.
  • The two highly used sections, Clinical Data & Personal Information, show all the clinical and personal information that we have for any patient but the information that our users seek at any point of time is a handful and depends on which care protocol they are coming from. Our users, generally, take 3 to 4 times more time than they would have if we showed this information right up front. Imagine doing this for every patient several times while still working on a task!

Access patient clinical data inside care protocol

With D P360, users no longer have to go to the Clinical Data tab to get a patient clinical overview, while working on a care protocol. Just by clicking on the topmost icon on the extreme right section of the care protocol, they can refer to Dynamic P360, which will show them only clinical data that they need for that care protocol for that patient.

The best part about this feature is that it will be accessible to our users all the time inside a care protocol, whether they are jumping from one task to another or are on phone talking to the patient!

View what you need - each care protocol has its own set of tailored cards

Users no more need to hunt the data they seek. Each and every card that users will see in different care protocols is tailored based on what information they seek in that care protocol. For example, if a user is in TCM care protocol, they will only see cards that help them complete TCM care protocol.

Not just that, each of these cards are crafted keeping every single detail of the entire user journey in mind, including what information our users need at which point of their journey.

With D P360, users are going to take 75% less time than before looking for information in the clinical data or personal information section, helping them work on 2 to 3 more patients per day, thus making them much more efficient.


What about personal Information - care managers use it all the time!

We heard our users! And that is why we added another section to Dynamic P360 - Personal Information.

Users can now not only view contact details, patient's preferences, their caregiver information inside a care protocol but can also update the information as needed, saving multiple clicks.

Does this mean clinical data or personal information sections are no longer of use ?

While Dynamic P360 is intended to provide patient data to users as dynamically as possible, Clinical Data Personal Information sections remain to be the hub of all clinical /personal information related to patients. They are going to be much more empowering and easy to use in the coming days but with the dynamic P360 concept, we are definitely going to dynamically provide everything our users need in their care management or point of care journey!

We are excited to keep adding more features to Dynamic Patient 360 to empower our users like never before!


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Trisha Shrivastava
Dynamic P360 - Finding patient data just got easier P360

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