Healthcare CRM: A Patient Engagement Platform to Track the Patient Health Journey

Sandeep Gupta
Mon 08 Mar 2021
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The rising importance of patient centricity in the healthcare environment means that the patient’s voice is now at the center of vendor development and provider deployment efforts. This increasing patient self-reliance has transformed care delivery norms, acknowledging the patients’ desire to participate in their healthcare proactively. With the winds of digital transformation, patients are now starting to weigh their healthcare options as an online shopping experience.

Healthcare organizations can actively leverage this opportunity by actively engaging them to build trusted relationships, encouraging them to stay invested in their care and remain loyal to the organization. This customer loyalty can help improve brand recognition, increase market share, and drive revenue.

Healthcare is an information-intensive industry that calls for an organized patient relationship management system to create a unified view of every patient. And to serve the critical need for a one-stop-solution to manage patient information from different data streams—including communications, analytics, and history of interactions—it needs a platform that fetches the right information at the right time.

Without a patient relationship management solution in place, organizations struggle with clinical variation and discrepancies. In particular, they have an urgent need to standardize their protocols and create unified workflows and bundles for better and more efficient operations. The lack of a common standard for storing and sharing patent data results in data silos and operational inefficiency. The situation calls for a singular 360-degree view across all systems to streamline their operations and provide truly collaborative medical care delivery and improved health outcomes.

With so much focus on engaging patients to drive a high rate of satisfaction and build long-term relationships with them, it is essential to realize that there cannot be a ‘one size fits all’ strategy. To achieve this goal, the whole-person data model can help segment and stratify data sets to personalize the outreach campaigns touching upon the patient’s underlying motivations and the solutions they look for.

Healthcare organizations generally lack insights and data, putting patients at risk for poor outcomes. By engaging with the patient throughout the care continuum, the care team can ensure patients are satisfied and reach the health outcomes they set out to achieve.

Ensuring seamless communication through standardization and compatibility with EHRs, while reducing network leakages across the system, the health CRM enables healthcare organizations to segment their patients into distinct target groups and send marketing collaterals and relevant medical information to them. These systems facilitate communication with patients between their visits. Sending appointment reminders to patients or keeping them posted on general health and wellness issues can also be attained using CRM.

With a healthcare CRM solution, care teams can promptly pinpoint where patients are in their care plan and if patients require reactivation or different engagement methods to help them stay on course. Simultaneously, health coaches can see where patients may need guidance for making the lifestyle changes they need to manage their condition, thereby increasing customer loyalty.

Thus, a CRM in healthcare acts as a medical records portal, patient tracking system, marketing platform, and workflow automation center tailored to fit the specific needs of healthcare organizations. It enables providers to focus their operations and solutions across processes, people, and technology areas to fulfill those needs and translate certain opportunities into innovative strategic initiatives.

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Sandeep Gupta
Healthcare CRM: A Patient Engagement Platform to Track the Patient Health Journey

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