How can Cohort Builder for Patient Populations Improve Care Delivery?

Mike Sutten
Mon 17 Aug 2020
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One of the biggest challenges in managing population health is the conversion and delivery of actionable information to appropriate resources. Defining patient populations is an important first step when identifying opportunities for clinical improvement, but this can be a challenging task. Healthcare technology now makes it easy for clinicians to find a specific patient population and help turn the analytics to actionable steps that improve outcomes.

Registry Builder for Patient Populations

Generally, a provider needs to work with a data analyst who in turn would then conduct a database query. Such requests are time-consuming and iterative and require refinement resulting in multiple back-and-forths. With Innovaccer’s Registry Builder varied users such as data analysts, leadership, care coordinators and physicians can easily build a cohort based on multiple conditions. Cohorts enable you to divide populations into subgroups by attributes, such as risk, cost, condition, and admission or discharge. 


The Advanced Query Builder on Innovaccer’s Registry Builder allows the users to build complex queries using multiple brackets & AND/OR operators.


Identify Patient Groups and Beyond

The Registry Builder allows easy identiifcation of cohorts. Examples of some simple Registries are:

  • All male patients above the age of 65 who have diabetes, have not completed their HbA1C test yet, and have not visited their PCP in the last 6 months.
  • All patients who have not completed their Annual Wellness Visit exam yet.
  • All patients who have more than 3 avoidable ED visits in the last 6 months.

Innovaccer’s Registry Builder can assist with a wide range of operations. The solution is designed for simplifying analytics and improving the usability of data for real and fast actions derived from the data. Some key use cases are:

  • Ability to identify a set of patients for Care Coordination
  • Ability to create a cohort for patient outreach
  • Display the set of patients who have certain characteristics
  • Deploy complex stratification techniques to manage key metrics around cost, utilization, quality and risk
  • Reduce dependency on other teams by building self-service population queries with an easy-to-use interface

Through Innovaccer’s Registry Builder users can use the Custom SQL query builder to fetch data by writing custom SQL queries on the data.

How Can Cohorts Improve Care Delivery?

Innovaccer’s Registry Builder takes the guesswork out of helping patients and helps providers preserve fixed resources. The Registry Builder can help control healthcare costs, but most importantly, it provides providers and care teams the additional assistance needed for a better outcome.

The Registry Builder currently provides support for predefined filters that are essential for any provider organization. These filters include attribution, diagnosis, medication, procedure, demographics, care gaps and risk profiles. The filters cover the needs of care teams and providers to gather data, strategize and plan better care for patients. 

To help providers get a deeper view of patient data, Innovaccer’s Registry Builder has a set of capabilities that allows custom queries. The Advanced Query Builder enables users to build complex queries using multiple brackets & AND/OR operators. Also, with Custom SQL query builder, users fetch data by writing custom SQL queries on the data. This allows the organization to make cohorts easily and focus on specific problems such as readmission due to breathing disorders.

Innovaccer’s Registry Builder allows providers to take actions based on the insights, for example - an organization can easily send outreach campaigns to all patients in a registry or assign them for care-coordination. Registries can be shared with other users as well, all in accordance with HIPAA rules.


The end-user can filter patients based on either a diagnosis code or a predefined value set through Innovaccer’s Registry Builder.


Valuable insights through data can help judicious use of resources and improved care for patients. By making healthcare data work for more people and patients, Registry Builder lets you initiate complex queries against patient information with the click of a few buttons. Not only does it assist workflows, but once built, cohorts can be used as the basis for filtering patients based on their needs and any patient data can be easily exported to multiple stakeholders, helping them care as one.

To learn more about the power of cohorts and making the most of population health data click here


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Mike Sutten
How can Cohort Builder for Patient Populations Improve Care Delivery?

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