How to keep patients satisfied with patient engagement?

Tue 17 Nov 2020
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Patient engagement is a key contributor to improved health outcomes and better patient-provider connections. As patients become more tech-savvy and curious about their health, keeping patients engaged becomes increasingly important. Patients also seek guidance and support from medical professionals during the course of their medical treatment, making easy-to-use channels of engagement more essential. To inform and engage patients, healthcare institutions are using technologies like mobile applications, patient portals and smart devices, to name a few. However, delivering a quality experience for patients starts by establishing an effective strategy for smarter patient engagement.

Impact on Patients

  • Reduces emergency care visits – When the patients work in collaboration with the healthcare provider, they proactively recognize the red flags related to their diseases. A study says engaged patients are 30% less likely to be readmitted to the hospital after discharge.
  • Reduces healthcare cost – Patient engagement will motivate patients to work with the medical care provider consistently and take preventive measures. This helps in managing their well-being, reduces emergencies and improves overall health.
  • Increased responsibility – With patient engagement, patients have better access to their health data which encourages them to take ownership of their well-being.
  • Round-the-clock access – People have access to information and their providers anywhere and anytime. This makes adherence more convenient and healthcare more accessible.

Impact on Providers

  • Shared responsibility – Patient engagement helps healthcare providers to share the responsibility of care and management with the patient. The onus of the treatment is not just on the physician or the healthcare provider, but it falls on the patient as well.
  • Better health outcomes – With proper patient engagement practices in place, the patient will communicate and collaborate effectively with the healthcare provider resulting in higher quality health care. Moreover, healthcare providers can prevent adverse outcomes from the treatment or procedure through effective communication and collaboration with the patient.
  • Increased revenue – With patient engagement in place, the patient will appear for regular wellness exams, tests, scans, etc. The routine check-up will help to diagnose illness in the earlier stages. An engaged patient will also show enthusiasm in taking necessary treatments from the care provider at the right time.
  • Increased patient retention rate – Patient engagement opens the door to increased patient retention rates; hence it is beneficial for the healthcare provider in the long run. Patients like it when they are valued by their doctor and healthcare provider. A survey conducted by Johns Hopkins Medicine reveals that providing a high level of attention and commitment had a significant impact on the patient. When the patients are engaged, they feel happier about their overall care, and patient retention becomes easier for the provider.
  • Greater compliance with healthcare plans – It becomes easier for people to book appointments online or to clear a doubt instantly with advancements in technology. This will lead to consistent doctor visits and greater compliance with healthcare plans.

The Road Ahead

Patient Engagement shouldn’t end when the patient visit is over. Remain engaged with patients by sending them satisfaction surveys and reminders, encouraging the use of wearable health devices to gather patient data, and encouraging them to download healthcare apps that let them take an active role in their health and wellness.

Innovaccer’s Patient Engagement solution for population health helps reduce screen time and indulge more in critical activities such as delivering quality care. With Innovaccer, providers can:

  • Make impactful decisions based on concrete intelligence
  • Maximize patient satisfaction effortlessly with automatic outreach
  • Leverage telemedicine initiatives to increase awareness

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How to keep patients satisfied with patient engagement?

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