Navigate Seamlessly between EMRs and Live Patient Interactions with Innovaccer’s VCN Solution

Wed 13 Jan 2021
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With the COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine has emerged as an imperative service to deliver care. Our reliance on a virtual model of care has called for an exhaustive solution that not only enables the patients to access care remotely but also empowers the providers with real-time access to patient data.

To address the growing need for an end-to-end virtual care solution, Innovaccer developed its Virtual Care Network (VCN), which facilitates all the aspects of remote delivering care. Built on Innovaccer’s proprietary FHIR-enabled Healthcare Data Platform, VCN can be used as an independent tool or with our other applications —like InCare, InNote, and InConnect— for a more integrated user experience.

Currently, patients, providers, staff, and payers usually have to use telemedicine apps to access care. These apps not only take up screen space and require users to step out of the EHR but also forces the users to change their existing workflow. With VCN that is not the case. It sits in the corner of your screen, allowing easy slide-out by being overlaid on top of your EMR without interrupting your existing workflow.

Boost your virtual care performance by automating workflows and integrated outreach

  • The in-workflow approach of the VCN helps you seamlessly navigate between your patient's health information in your EMR and your live interaction with them.
  • The VCN solution is EMR- agnostic and does not depend on your EMR.
  • It is conveniently available in the corner of your screen for you to use whenever you want, but it doesn't interfere with your workflow when you are using other applications.
  • It eases the process of documentation by enabling direct access to the EMR to make notes during an ongoing virtual visit.

The VCN solution allows users to have full access to the EMR with zero intrusion to your existing workflow. This is one of many features of the VCN solution. Check this spot for the next feature blog on Virtual Care Network.

To know more about our virtual care solution, get a quick demo here.

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Navigate Seamlessly between EMRs and Live Patient Interactions with Innovaccer’s VCN Solution

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