Say hello to an improved P360: Now with additional capabilities

Team Innovaccer
Thu 15 Jul 2021
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Patient 360—one of the major building blocks of Innovaccer’s InCare platform—helps provide care managers with a holistic view of patient data by streamlining processes and saving time. The tool houses actionable data and helps users drill down into patients’ claims, risk models, and personal information, ultimately enabling a higher quality of care.

We recently added a few extra features to Patient 360 to improve the interface so care providers can more efficiently use patient data.


1. Mark patient’s addresses as Undeliverable

Users can now mark addresses as “undeliverable” if the address was incorrect or mail was returned to that address.

2. View Yearly Care Gaps Cards

Along with current gaps, users can also view gaps from previous years.

3. Display a “Do Not Contact” Marker

Patients marked as “Do not contact” are now highlighted in red. A stop icon is in front of the patient’s name.


The main objective of the Patient 360 tool is to methodically handle and organize care gaps. With these latest feature enhancements, patient data can now be more definite and detailed, and users can view care gaps in a more standardized manner.

A message from the product team

We hope this new feature will help you and your care team manage patient data even more efficiently and dynamically. Over the next few weeks, we’ll continue improving our product to offer providers point-of-care technology for smarter, holistic care.


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Team Innovaccer
Say hello to an improved P360: Now with additional capabilities

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