Six Ways AI Accelerates Advancements in Healthcare

Vaibhav Awasthi
Fri 21 July 2023
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The healthcare sector is in a state of continuous evolution. Technological advancements act as the primary impetus, propelling this change at a breakneck pace. Two such advancements, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), stand at the helm, laying the groundwork for an enhanced healthcare landscape by improving patient outcomes and optimizing the overall patient experience.

AI and ML are not just buzzwords in the healthcare space; they are practical tools being effectively utilized in predictive analysis, informed decision-making, precision medicine, early disease detection, and remote patient monitoring. The ubiquitous presence of AI has essentially transformed the healthcare panorama on a global scale.

In this article, let's delve into a few innovative and advanced use cases of AI in healthcare. Not only can these instances unlock substantial value for your organization, but they can also empower your team to elevate their patient care delivery, championing efficiency, and superior service quality.

  1. Early Detection and Diagnosis: Healthcare’s Power Tool

    With the accelerating shift toward value-based care, healthcare systems worldwide are placing significant emphasis on preventive care, timely detection, and accurate diagnosis of diseases. Artificial Intelligence, driven by advanced Machine Learning algorithms, has unparalleled capabilities to assess copious amounts of patient data. This encompasses medical records, lab results, and imaging studies, helping experts discern patterns and make accurate predictions.

    AI implementation can usher in a new era of early disease detection, like cancer, paving the way for swift interventions and the potential to save innumerable lives. Researchers from the University of Tennessee recently demonstrated AI's impact and precision in analyzing medical images. Their findings revealed that AI not only automated evaluations and reduced physician workload but also minimized errors and time spent on diagnostics.Furthermore, AI's implementation improved performance in predicting and detecting various diseases, thereby reinforcing its indispensable role in the healthcare realm.

  2. Crafting Personalized Treatment Strategies
    by Harnessing the Power of AI

    Recognizing that every patient is a distinct individual, it's clear that their response to treatments can vary substantially. This critical understanding shapes the heart of personalized medicine. By harnessing patient data, which encompasses genetic information, medical histories, and former treatment outcomes, AI can build personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient's specific needs and circumstances.

    Healthcare providers are rapidly moving away from a one-size-fits-all approach. They are conscientiously shifting towards more bespoke treatments, acknowledging the unique variables at play for each patient. This comprehensive, patient-specific approach is known as precision medicine, a concept increasingly being adopted by the medical community.

    Health tech companies are not only embracing this trend but also propelling it forward by building specialized AI tools. These tools are crafted to augment the care provided for complex diseases, fostering a new era of intelligent healthcare solutions.

    A prime example is uMETHOD's RestoreU, an innovative AI tool dedicated to dementia care, particularly Alzheimer's. With the aid of AI, physicians can create highly individualized treatment plans for patients, revolutionizing how we approach this challenging and widespread disease. It demonstrates how technology and data-driven insights can elevate healthcare—making it more personalized, efficient, and impactful.

    Together, with partners like uMETHOD, Innovaccer is prepared to tackle healthcare complexities head-on and empower providers to deliver exceptional patient outcomes.

  3. Elevating Care Delivery
    by Using AI to Streamline Operations

    AI-powered advancements are transforming healthcare organizations' capabilities, improving patient experiences, and outcomes. By reducing administrative tasks; and swiftly mining and processing comprehensive medical information, these technologies enable healthcare providers to make well-informed decisions promptly. Consequently, AI allows medical staff to devote themselves more fully to their core competencies—problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication with patients—while also reducing the risk of burnout from heavy administrative workloads

    AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants will become increasingly integral in streamlining healthcare operations. They handle various tasks such as appointment scheduling, answering basic medical queries, and providing round-the-clock access to healthcare information. These AI tools enable seamless patient engagement, thereby improving healthcare delivery and patient satisfaction.

    Innovaccer's Sara, healthcare's first self-serve conversational AI assistant, is a shining example of the power of technology in healthcare. Sara facilitates the generation of complex analytic insights, rendering the process as simple as texting a friend. By providing business leaders, physicians, and care teams with a chat-easy way to extract accurate responses to population health queries, Sara epitomizes the convergence of healthcare and AI, setting a new standard for healthcare delivery and management.

  4. Remote Patient Monitoring
    to Enhance At-Home Care and Outcomes with AI

    The advent of wearable devices and remote monitoring technologies has revolutionized the continuous tracking of patient health data. State-of-the-art AI algorithms can scrutinize this real-time data, detect anomalies, and provide timely alerts to healthcare providers. Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) can pave the way for early intervention, prevent hospital readmittance, and inspire patients to actively manage their health. These advantages can culminate in improved outcomes and diminished healthcare costs.

    However, health systems often find themselves grappling with the consolidation of data from hardware into SaaS applications that harness AI to extract insights. Innovaccer aids health systems in turning connected health into reality by weaving in data from devices used for remote monitoring with Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Innovaccer’s all-encompassing care management suite. This accessibility enables swifter access to high-quality data and facilitates prompt interventions.

  5. Harnessing AI Predictive Analytics for Enhancing Population Health

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the capability to harness extensive population health data to identify health trends, foresee disease outbreaks, and allocate healthcare resources efficiently. By scrutinizing data gleaned from electronic health records, social health determinants, and environmental factors, predictive analytics can assist public health agencies and policy makers in making enlightened decisions. These can range from thwarting disease transmission and ameliorating vaccination strategies, to promoting community health.

    Innovaccer's comprehensive care management suite utilizes AI to streamline risk adjustment, a process often freighted with intricate coding workflows and a significant demand for data aggregation and analytics. It facilitates precise risk adjustment analytics, simplifying the process for providers to capture Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) codes and attain accurate risk scores.

    However, the use of AI-powered insights is not confined to risk adjustment. It also renders analysis on cost, utilization, financials, and other crucial metrics.

  6. The Autonomous Functioning of AI Tools: A Misconception

    The realization of specific use cases demands that organizations select the appropriate technology partner, conduct training programs for in-house teams, and instigate organization-wide changes to facilitate AI adoption. Nevertheless, such initiatives necessitate a more fundamental requirement: a dependable data platform.

    Absent large-scale, claims- and clinically-integrated ultra-high-quality unified patient data, the GIGO problem arises: garbage in, garbage out. High-quality data is the key to using AI to help make projections, predictions, glean actionable insights, optimizing workflows, personalizing care, and so on..

    Innovaccer's award-winning data and analytics platform stands ready to assist health systems of all sizes in aggregating, sanitizing, and standardizing data. This ensures it is appropriately prepped for downstream solutions, including those powered by AI.

    How Can Innovaccer Help?

    If you're contemplating implementing AI solutions, we invite you to schedule a personalized consultation with our AI professionals. This will provide a clearer understanding of how Innovaccer can address any potential challenges your organization might face. By collaborating, we can harness the power of AI and Machine Learning (ML) to augment care delivery and enrich the patient experience.

    About Innovaccer

    Innovaccer Inc. is the data platform that accelerates innovation. The Innovaccer platform unifies patient data across systems and care settings, and empowers healthcare organizations with scalable, modern applications that improve clinical, financial, operational, and experiential outcomes. Innovaccer’s EHR-agnostic solutions have been deployed across more than 1,600 hospitals and clinics in the US, enabling care delivery transformation for more than 96,000 clinicians, and helping providers work collaboratively with payers and life sciences companies. Innovaccer has helped its customers unify health records for more than 54 million people and generate over $1 billion in cumulative cost savings. The Innovaccer platform is the #1 rated Best-in-KLAS data and analytics platform by KLAS, and the #1 rated population health technology platform by Black Book. For more information, please visit


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