Streamline your Billing and Copay Workflows with Virtual Care Network

Wed 10 Feb 2021
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While the COVID-19 pandemic gave us the necessary push to establish virtual care as a viable model of receiving and delivering healthcare, it also allowed us to apprehend the challenges of making virtual care a living reality. Addressing the need for an end-to-end virtual care solution aimed at facilitating seamless televisits, Innovaccer launched its Virtual Care Network (VCN) solution. The versatile VCN solution can function with other Innovaccer applications or be used as an independent tool for an integrated user experience.

Innovaccer’s VCN solution streamlines your billing and copay workflow, empowering the users to take control of the process. When enabled, the feature synchronizes the payment information with the EMR. All this information collected in the process can then be used to deliver real-time reports to your billing department.

Augmenting Payment Workflows for Hassle-free Virtual Bookings

  • The VCN allows access to care from anywhere, anytime, using any device.
  • Users do not have to necessarily download the app to use the service.
  • Organizations can choose to collect the payments before or after the consultation is complete.
  • The VCN runs real-time insurance verification and copay calculations to assist patients with a hassle-free virtual care experience.
  • It allows patients to book walk-in consultations without a scheduled appointment, with an upfront payment facility available for it.
  • Patients without insurance can also access care by paying an upfront amount set by the clinic.

Wondering about the security considerations? Let’s keep that for our next engagement. Check this spot for our next blog on Virtual Care Network!

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Streamline your Billing and Copay Workflows with Virtual Care Network

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