Why is Registry Builder Awesome?

Akhil Agarwal
Fri 20 Nov 2020
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One of the biggest challenges in managing population health is converting and delivering actionable information to appropriate resources. Defining patient populations is an essential first step in identifying opportunities for clinical improvement. However, this can be a challenging task. Registry Builder makes it easy for clinicians to find a specific patient population and turn the analytics into actionable steps that improve outcomes.

What is Registry Builder?

The Registry builder (or cohort builder) allows our users (data analysts, leadership, care coordinators, physicians, and others) to build cohorts based on multiple conditions quickly.

What makes our Registry Builder unique?

  1. 1. Cater to multiple personas:We cater to relevant personas in the healthcare delivery chain.
    1. a. For Analysts: We deploy complex stratification techniques to manage critical metrics around cost, utilization, quality, and risk.
    1. b. For Leadership: We reduce dependency on other teams by building self-service population queries with an easy-to-use interface.

  1. 2. Easy to build: Registries can be built from scratch using filters by uploading patient lists or updating existing registries.
  1. 3. Comprehensive: We can fetch data from multiple data sources across the organization and create patient lists.
  1. 4. Actionable: The Registry builder is integrated with other applications, such as:
    1. a. InCare: Ability to identify a set of patients for care coordination (In progress).
    1. b. InConnect: Ability to create cohorts for patient outreach
    1. c. Others: APIs are available for integration!
  1. 5. Configurable: Can be configured to satisfy the need of every client.
  1. 6. Enable collaboration: Users can collaborate by sharing their drafts and published registries with others.
  1. 7. Secure: We only show patients which a user is allowed to see.

What great things you can do on the platform?

  1. 1. Predefined filters (diagnosis): The end-user can filter patients out based on either a diagnosis code or a predefined value sets.

  1. 2. Advanced Query Builder: The Advanced Query Builder allows the users to build complex queries using multiple brackets and operators such as ‘AND/OR.’

  1. 3. Custom SQL query builder:The users can use this functionality to fetch data by writing custom SQL queries on the data.


Valuable insights through data can help judicious use of resources and improved care for patients. By making healthcare data work for more patients, Registry Builder lets you initiate complex queries against patient information within the click of a few buttons.

To know more on how you can get actionable insights on a FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform, get a demo.

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Akhil Agarwal
Why is Registry Builder Awesome?

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